Let's help your team design and deliver better customer experiences. Why? What a good place to start. Why.



Great outcomes from great beginnings. I help teams find a shared understanding to the question 'why are we doing this?' aligned to measures.


This is where we allow our team to diverge into new thinking about products and services that our customers will value.

Observe and listen to customers


 Observing and listening to just a few customers one-on-one gives us many actionable insights. Contextual Enquiry and Jobs-To-Be-Done are helpful.


Before investing further, it's helpful to filter and prioritise ideas against purpose, constraints or a lean business canvas.

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visual artefacts

Journey maps, Archetypes, Kanban and other visual artefacts provide clarity and shared understanding of where to invest and why.



Testing prototypes with customers informs further iterations and investment. Fast feedback supports project and business agility.

Adopting Strategic Service Design and Visual Management

I worked with AGL’s GM of Digital and HO Strategy and Design to help their teams adopt front and back-stage service design, create service blueprints, map digital intiatives to the customer experience and create visual artefacts for stakeholder engagement. I would highlight our work in visualising the information security of customers in domestic violence situations; the organisation’s first ever view of the situation across all channels.

Primary Customer Research for Marketing and Product Design Improvement

Working with the Owner of Peak Oil Co. (handmade outdoor clothing) we are conducting primary customer research through interviews and contextual enquiry to improve early customer engagement, better informed marketing investments and improvements to the product design through customer feedback.

 Coaching CX Team Within A Large Bank’s Innovation Program

I was engaged by Boston Consulting Group to support a large transformation program responsible for developing new product/service innovations and reducing operating costs. As Lead Strategic Service Designer, I coached a team through customer research, stakeholder presentations, ideation workshops, roadmap development and the delivery of six innovative concepts.

Designing and Facilitating Annual ‘Customer Days’ Event

I helped the team at Pryda run their annual Customer Days where we invited customers from around the country to share their stories, primed with previous one-on-one interviews and personas. We then evaluated the current roadmap, re-prioritised it and developed five new initiatives not previously considered. Customers and stakeholders than co-pitched the ideas using Pixar Pitch and Three Panel Story Boards to Pryda Management. Together, we then took the highest value (desirability, viability, feasibility) initiative and placed it directly into the team’s agile program value stream wall. We finished with a retrospective and a much higher level of customer confidence in the roadmap.

 Co-Creating New Digital Services With Customers and Stakeholders

This project was about two things; engaging prospective clients much earlier in their aged care journey and improving the role digital services plays in the business. I delivered primary customer research, actionable insights, journey maps, stakeholder maps, personas and facilitated a series of co-creation and prioritisation workshops.

2018 AMI Awards for Marketing Excellence National Finalist

 Helping a Startup Develop Customer-centered Emergent Strategies

What do you do when your Board expects a long-term plan but your market and situation is changing too quickly for that? Emergent strategy combined with customer personas helped Uptick resolve this conflict. It allows for slow-changing strategic intent with fast-changing execution and connects well to agile delivery practices.

Facilitating Google Ventures’ 5 Day Design Sprint

Telstra’s Legal Department had a problem; it was taking six months for new employees to gain proficiency with ‘Telstra’ knowledge. In just five days, we understood the problem, created solution options, developed a prototype and tested it, in real time.

Monash Health

With the courageous support of Dr Melissa Casey I worked in a small team to design and test a service intervention for patients presenting at Emergency with mental health problems. The prototype service known as the Agile Psychological Medicine Clinic went on to win a Victorian State Government award and continued funding

Introducing Human-Centred Design and Agile Practices to the Innovation Program

Working with ‘The Garage’ as it’s known at Computershare, I practiced and coached colleagues on human-centred design, primary research, idea analysis, prioritisation and agile delivery practices. We were able to improve the idea-to-excution gap and better inform investment decisions with evidence of customer demand levels.

Training Groups Through Interesting Practice Work

I continue to develop facilitated training workshops complete with tools and assets participants can use in their own organisation. The image above is from Design Thinking The Zombie Apocalypse. These workshops are available for conferences and organisations directly.